Striking clumps of grasses
Full sun perennial bed
Winding paths through the beds
Meander through the yard to the field
TrueNorth Daylilies
Tending Hostas

The 2 acre property features an extensive collection of hostas, lillium and hemerocallis (daylilies).

The front portion of the property is shaded by mature hard maples, Somerset maples and cedars, a perfect canopy for shade loving perennials allowing visitors to meander along the many pathways, enjoying the many vistas that continuously change with each step.

The paths open displaying two ornamental ponds joined by a stream and falls, attracting a variety of songbirds and aquatic life.

Visitors continue on by the eastern gardens or take a more direct route to the south end of the property, either way a variety of sun loving perennials and shrubs will greet you at every turn.

Along your journey a number of split rail structures provide interest and rest areas. A large field stone fire pit is surrounded by ornamental grasses.



A large 20 foot deep pond and a bridge are nestled at the rear of the property with native woods in behind.

Just when you think the gardens are done you come among the daylilies 10's of thousands and growing. Tim's passion has expanded into a small business and has spilled onto another 2 acres of a 52 acre property.

Please call ahead to make arrangements for any other time.

Check out the new and previous introductions or come and see the thousands of field grown daylilies at $15.00 each or 3 for $40.00

A beautiful oasis of colour and nature

And then there are the daylilies...

The seedling bed